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The breakdown of an established relationship between spouses or partners, especially where children are involved, can be extremely stressful. The emotional impact of this highly charged situation may be eased by an experienced and empathetic solicitor to guide you through the many potential pitfalls. These inevitably include division of property and assets, maintenance, child support and parenting arrangements.

Few people at this time are in a state of mind free from recriminations, confusion and hostility and these may affect sound judgements and desirable outcomes. Nathan White Lawyers are experienced with matrimonial issues and conversant with the Family Law Act and other relevant legislation. They are able to deliver sound and cost effective advice to ensure that your needs are recognised and achievable, with consideration for the emotional rollercoaster you may be experiencing.

Keeping the legal costs down is a priority and successful negotiations may avoid the necessity of time in court.

Another aspect of Family Law deals with Pre-Nuptial (and cohabitation) Agreements based on the requirements of the Family Law Act 1975. Although these may seem to stand in the path of romance, they provide future guidance and reassurance in the ensuing relationships. The practice also has experience in this area of law.